Persuasive Speech/ Health Research Paper Presentation 


The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in learning how to research, prepare, and deliver a persuasive speech. A persuasive speech involves attempting to motivate others, through communication, to adopt or maintain a particular behavior, belief, or attitude (Floyd, 2014). 



Assignment Overview:

 A few weeks ago your supervisor at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked you to determine the next disease that will be the focus of their video health campaign. Additionally, your supervisor asked you to identify the behavior that the public should adopt or avoid in order to prevent developing this disease. Since being asked to head this project, you have turned in a 4-5 page written report. Your supervisor is impressed with your report and asks you to present the report to a group of your colleagues and persuade then that this disease should be the focus of the next Centers for Disease Control and Prevention video media health campaign.  Additionally, you were asked to prepare a speech outline that can be distributed to individuals who were unable to attend the meeting to hear your speech.


It is expected that your speech outline and your presentation to your supervisor will contain the following information:


  1. Attention-getter – Information about the disease that will get your audience interested in your speech.
  2. Thesis statement – This is a one-sentence statement telling the audience the purpose of your speech.
  3. How your speech is relevant to the audience – State why the audience should be interested in listening to your speech.
  4. Credibility statement – Why are you qualified to speak about this disease? (Note: Please do not release personal information about your health that will lead to you feeling uncomfortable if it is known by others.)
  5. Preview of main points – State the main points of your presentation to the audience.

Body – Regardless of the organizational pattern employed, the body of your essay should contain the following information.  There are no rules regarding the order in which the information is provided.

  1. Provide compelling reasons the disease selected is a problem and should be the focus of a national video health campaign. For example, eighty-six million people have pre-diabetes (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 2015).
  2. Highlight why the media health campaign and its recommendations (e.g., eat healthy and exercise) are solutions to the problem (e.g., the high rates of individuals with diabetes). For example, a video campaign should be conducted because it gives the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the opportunity to reach a large number of people. Additionally, according to the American Diabetes Association (2015), exercise is one of the most effective methods for regulating blood sugar; therefore, the video health campaign should convince individuals to exercise, as it is likely to reduce their risk of diabetes.
  3. Give a detailed description of the audience whose attention you hope to gain with the advertisements created (e.g., gender, age group, ethnicity, pregnant women, smokers, high school students, etc.).  Provide your reasons for selecting this particular group.
  4. Of the theories learned (Note: provide a definition of the theory), which theory do you believe your organization should use to guide the development of their videos? Additionally, provide the class with a description of a video that you would develop based on the theory. Your description should be detailed, you can also use images to assist with your explanation. 


  1. Restate your thesis and main points.
  2. Memorable closing statement.




  • You are required to submit a formal outline via the Canvas assignment box.
    • Your outline should include all the components of a speech( e.g., Attention-getter, thesis, etc.). You can use the following document as a guide: (My Outline Checklist-1.docx)
    • For your outline, you must use complete sentences.
    • You should label each portion of your speech (attention-getter, transition, etc.).
    • A reference list must be included at the end of your outline. 
    • Your outline should be single-spaced, except for the reference page, which should be double-spaced.
  • Your presentation should be between 5-7 minutes long.If your speech is longer or shorter, this has the potential to affect your grade, as when invited to an event to speak, if your speech is longer or shorter than expected, it can result in your audience or the organizers of the program being displeased. Therefore, I believe it is important that you start practicing now how to manage your time.
  • It is expected that you will deliver this speech extemporaneously. This means that you will not read your speech from a script.
  • For this speech, a minimum of 3 credible sources are requiredIt is expected that you will cite these sources verbally. Additionally, it is expected that for your outline you will cite sources both in-text and on the reference page using APA citation style (APA Assistance and Samples).
  • It is also expected that you will use at least one visual aid (presentation aid) during your speech. Additionally, if you plan to use a PowerPoint, please place your name and the title of your presentation on the first slide and include a list of references in APA format on the last slide.
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