Read the two articles and write responses for each articles by specifying what your opions and views are, and adding additional points to the articles by reading the references of the articles listed below for each.

Read the two articles and write responses for each articles by specifying what your opions and views are, and adding additional points to the articles by reading the references of the articles listed below for each.

Write your response in 2 different word file for each Article i.e each article should have a response in one word file.

Please follow APA Format for the response.


Write each response in a different word file which needs to be 200 words each.

Follow an introduction, body and conclusion style of writing your response.

Please read all the above questions before attempting and feel free to ask me any questions before you make an assumption.

                                                                                             Article 1:

Summary and Synopsis:

According to the article titled “Mobile banking as business strategy” in the journal of “Impact of mobile technologies on customer behavior and its implications for banks” fourth volume, Mobile commerce is getting acceptable from al the sectors of the society from time to time. This growth is partly attributed to demographical and technological developments which to a larger extend have influenced key socio-cultural aspects in today’s world. The necessity for mobility looks to be the general factor behind mobile commerce. The use of financial services related to mobile and mobile banking have built a foundation of mobile commerce. According to the research done by the authors of this article, customer acceptance clearly shows a major, growing interest by many people on mobile banking. However, since the extend of willingness and interest to pay vary for one person to another, it seems to be a requirement to design specific services which put into consideration the wishes and needs of particular target groups. Therefore, banks are supposed to apply mobile channels with a clear focus on business.

Article 2

Summary and synopsis:

According to the article titled “Mobile cloud computing: Implications and challenges” contained in the Journal of Information Engineering and Applications, cloud computing will in an economical way moderate the arising need of advanced handsets required to run mobile applications. According to the article, the market for mobile applications based on the cloud will breed 88% between 2009 and 2014. In past recent years, the market just rose above $400 million with web domain of Juniper indicating that by 2014 it will have attained $9.5 billion mark. The article also clearly indicates that most people use their mobile phones in the place of mini-computers which they can carry while travelling and keeps them always connected and updated.   Moreover, mobiles have now become an essential tool in the educational modern age and some mobile database are unavoidable in the business world.  According to the research done, cloud computing will completely renovate development of mobile application and their utilization in future.

Relationship between two articles:


The topic the article “Mobile banking as business strategy” explains how banks can utilize the mobile technology in carrying out their commercial activities while the article “Mobile cloud computing: Implications and challenges” explain how mobile and mobile related devices can be computed on the cloud so as to easy financial services and other business-related activities. The two articles are therefore related in that they both explain innovative technologies that are related to both mobile technology and business.

Relevant information:

The most relevant information in the two articles is the explained relationship between mobile devices and their application in the implementation of business strategies. This is relevant because the information in these articles is useful in the integration of mobile devices with cloud computing technology so as to bring solution to technological challenges witnessed in the modern world business.



Rajendra, Prasad M., Jayadev Gyani and P.R Murti. “Mobile cloud computing: Implications and challenges.” Journal of information Engineering and Applications (2012): 7-15. print.

Tiwari, et al. “Mobile banking as business strategy.” Impact of mobile technologies on customer behaviour and its implication for banks Vol. 4 IEEE (2006): 1935-1946. print.


                                                                             Article 2:

The expression “Mobile computing” is utilized to portray the utilization of computing devices – which as a rule interface in some form with a central data framework – while far from the ordinary, fixed working environment. Mobile computing innovation empowers the mobile specialist to: 1. Create; 2. Access; 3. Process; 4. Store; and  5. Communication information without being obliged to a single area. By broadening the scope of an association’s fixed data framework, mobile computing empowers collaboration with authoritative faculty that were already detached.


The uses of mobile computing today have turned out to be universal and inescapable in business, buyer, modern, diversion and many specific vertical-showcase exercises. Desktop, or nonmobile, PCs take into consideration a higher level of equipment configurability or higher computational execution, however a mobile computing device is the vehicle of decision for practically every end client today. The key favorable position of mobile computing is accommodation, permitting clients whenever, anyplace access to data and computational assets


                Business can profit the same amount of as people from the development of mobile computing. Tablets and different gadgets are winding up more modern and would now be able to run business applications that expansion profitability by keeping workers associated regardless of whether they’re in the workplace. The capacity to impart rapidly and effectively through channels, for example, video conferencing opens up new skylines for organizations hoping to grow beyond a typical corporate setting. Organizations wishing to develop their business sectors can utilize mobile as an approach to place representatives in moment contact with new clients and new markets. With the rising significance of mobile phones in customers’ lives, businesses are always looking for as good as ever approaches to use this pattern. An expansive level of buyers play out their hunts on mobile devices. Thusly, businesses have begun putting resources into making their websites responsive.


                Mobile computing in business conveys many advantages to the work environment. One software that a few organizations have actualized to help with access to the workplace, is a product called remote get to computing. As indicated by, remote get to computing is characterized as, “the capacity to get to a PC, for example, a home PC or an office arrange PC, from a remote area.”  Remote access to computing is another approach to have the capacity to complete the work when you can’t make it to the workplace. A few advantages of remote access computing are reducing car outflows by not traveling to work, and spare gas money.






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