Recipe Project

Practical Final Project 40 points

I hope that you have been heeding the advice on starting this practical project early. If not, do not panic! Please be careful in selecting the ingredients of your creation and be sure to read any warnings associated with the medicinal plants you use. There were some mis-identifications of plants on the neighborhood walk. Please be very careful with the Final Project and do not use any herb or take anything internally unless you are 100% certain of the identity and even then you should have another person confirm the identity. See the content page for places to buy herbs. The tea section in health food stores is also an excellent place to look!

I hope you enjoy the practical nature of this final project.

Part 1


o    Select one of the recipes from your textbook  and try it out. Please plan ahead! Make sure you use more than one ingredient; in other words do not just brew a cup of tea. If you do not want to choose a recipe from the text, it must be cleared with me ahead of time. I want you to make something you have never made before not a trusted family recipe that you have had many times!

o    You will actually create and use this recipe so choose wisely and carefully!

o    Include a description of the product, the recipe, how you made it, and whether or not you like it and think it is effective. (About 1000 words should be enough – the idea is to DO something, not just research it).

Part 2

·         Write a short advertisement blurb for your product and include two faulty arguments in order to “sell” your product. Label them in parentheses and red text.

·         Example, “My stress-free tea is excellent for students and will absolutely relieve all stress from studying!. It relieves stress because it causes students to be stress free (circular reasoning).



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