I need a reply to each of these responses. 150 words each with a question on the end



Their are a couple of disadvantages that could hurt the company, istead of improving it, may cause a backfire on one of the solved problems. One key disadvantage, is it has a single objective, Which there is no one single objective in todays world, there tends to be a more open market for those limitations that a company may have. Another would be that inflexibility, because in some situations their are too many possibilities to make fit into the linear formula. linear dosen’t really have a gut instinct, so its wise to do your homework before using linear programming , making sure the problem can be solved and not made more difficult.




One of the examples that I used of advantages to linear programming had to do with the transportation method of linear programming, however it does have disadvantages too. For examle, it does not work when nonlinear or negative factors are introduced (Heizer & Render, 2014). Therefore, when other factors, such as hiring and layoffs are introduced, the more general method of linear programming must be used??(Heizer & Render, 2014). Furthermore, I also used the example of graphical method as an advantage to linear programming, but it also has disadvantages too, such as the fact that they are trial-and-error approaches that do not guarantee an optimal production plan, but they require only limited computations and can be performed by clerical staff??(Heizer & Render, 2014).

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