RES 850 Week 4 Self-Assessment Paper



At the beginning of every task, people need to answer three questions. First, what do I need? Then, what do I have? Finally, what do I need to acquire? The doctoral journey is no different. This assignment will help to answer these questions.


General Guidelines:

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

  • This assignment uses a grading rubric.
  • APA formatting is not required for this initial assignment. However, please double space your paper.


Complete the Doctoral Journey Self-Assessment.

Using the results of the Doctoral Journey Self-Assessment, write a paper of 250-500 words that addresses to following questions.

  1. Who are you as a learner and why are you here?
  2. What strengths do you bring to the doctoral journey and what are areas of growth you will need in order to be successful in the doctoral journey?
  3. What areas of research interest do you bring to the doctoral journey? (Think about the potential research topic you wrote about in the application process as well as your prior areas of interest.)

Write a short description of your interests and areas you want to explore. The discovery of your final dissertation topic will evolve over your first year of study as you experience content, faculty, peers, and the doctoral learning process.

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