??In the Final Project Part II: Statistics Report, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your skill at selecting and calculating appropriate biostatistical measures. In Milestone Two, you will select and calculate summary statistics to describe the data set. Prompt: One way to describe data is to describe the shape, location, and spread of the data. In Milestone Two, you will select summary statistics to calculate for your data. You will also describe the source of the data and the sampling technique you think might have been used. You also need to consider limitations of the data set and the impact such limitations might have on the findings you will share later in the project. Refer to the Statistical Report Description for a description of the data set provided and uploaded in Module One. Specifically, include the following critical elements: A. Assess the collected data. Use this section to layout the source, parameters, and any limitations of your data. Specifically, you should: 1. Describe the key features of your data set. Be sure to assess how these features affect your analysis. 2. Analyze the limitations of the data set you were provided and how those limitations might affect your findings. Justify your response. Also complete the Milestone Two Table to show the summary statistics you selected and the calculations.??

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