REVISION to International Capital Budgeting Analysis – Phyllis Cooper


Hello Phyllis, 


We need for you to revise the original paper sent. The original paper sent was 13 pages; however, we need it condensed to 5-6 pages. The original paper sent was more words and you explaining the decision that we should make but the professor is looking for a condense paper that is primarily focused on quantitative analysis focused around Lessard’s APV model which is attached in the PPT. 


On side notes, we need the below explained so we can present this in a class session. This portion should not be included in the paper. 

Can you please explain want each component of Lessard’s APV’s model represents?

Which components we need in the case study and explain why we need these components? 

Which ones we don’t need in the case study and explain why we do not need them in this case? 



  • February 24, 2018
University of Nairobi