SBE 310 Small Business Management Week 2 Discussions Devry

SBE 310 Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Week 2 Discussions



Week 2 DQ 1

After watching the video on Stonyfield Farm answer this question: ???The responsible thing to do is to identify and examine every potential for doing good and make some kind of investment there.??? How has the company???s CEO set about to improve his company according to these words, and what remains to be done???


Week 2 DQ 2

You are an investor in small businesses, and you have three business plans on your desk.?? Choose one of the potential business owners listed.?? Explain why you think that would be the best bet for an investment.

1. A recent college grad, full of energy and ideas, but short on expertise.
2. A middle-management corporate refugee desiring a business of her own after frustration with bureaucratic red tape.
3. A serial entrepreneur who has previously started seven businesses (three of which were huge successes, whereas four failed, losing entire investments).??

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