Summary and Comments 13

 The assignment is to read (1) an edition of a Marxist newspaper and select one article that relates in some way to economic questions or situations and (2) an edition of a traditional newspaper (such as the Washington Post) and select one article that relates in some way to economic questions or situations. The two articles need NOT be on the same topic. The student then writes a summary of each article, followed by a comment on each one. The summary should demonstrate that the student understood the article as written, without any evaluation or opinion whatsoever. The comment should then contain his/her reflection on the article’s content. The paper must follow the format demonstrated in sample included under “Course Information” exactly, including section headings. The S&C length should be about 2-4 pages in total.  The student’s name, the course name, the number of the S&C, and the date must appear on the upper left hand corner of the first page of the assignment. It is recommendedChallenge-Desafio, a Marxist newspaper, be used for this assignment. A PDF copy of that newspaper is attached.


Please send me correctly the links of the articles that you chose so I can follow up with you!


This is my professor comment on S&Cs:

 Your summaries should be shorter, maybe just one paragraph and your comments significantly longer, at least 2 paragraphs. Your insights are more important than the summaries.

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