Security IT


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Based on your team’s Week Four Learning Team Collaborative discussion, write the Access Control Policy section of the Information Security Policy. Include the following:

  • User enrollment
  • Identification
  • Authentication
  • Privileged and special account access
  • Remote access

Format according to APA guidelines.  I fully expect that this and all assignments related to the creation of the Security Policy document will be fully researched with all references cited with proper APA formating.  I fully expect to see a reference section with an indication that you researched the information for this section.



Part 2


Complete “Understand and Apply Fundamental Concepts of Cryptography” of the SSCP®: Cryptography Pluralsight course.

Write an infomercial script showing your knowledge and expertise of cryptography to a potential buyer of your services.  Use the Pluralsight lesson as your source including key points taken from the lesson.

Take a screenshot showing your completed course in Pluralsight.

Paste the screenshot into the same Microsoft® Word document.

Format according to APA guidelines.  Remember to include any reference materials or citations in your document.

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