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short paper week 8


8-4 Short Paper: Service Quality Surveys

Choose a service quality survey to assess. ??Identify the survey and explain how the survey can be used effectively to benefit the company. Describe additional customer and non-customer approaches in creating information systems and how the systems can be used to aid in recovery.??


HINTS:?? You can find many sample surveys online by simply using Google and searching service quality survey.?? Using Chapters 12 and 13.?? For Ch. 13, focus on whether the survey is part of a good service recovery management program (see page 355 Hoffman & Bateson, 2010).



Hoffman, D., & Bateson, J. (2011). Services Marketing: Concepts, Strategies & Cases. Mason, OH: South-Western College.


ISBN: 978-1-4390-3939-7





– 12 pt font

– Time new roman

– 1″ margins

– Atleast 4 pages long not counting the reference and title page.

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