Sociology papers

at least 750 words. 

must read the attachment. 

avoid using other source from the attached reading. but if needed you may use. but its better to avoid. 

Due after 8 hours


Instruction: The following essay questions are drawn from the text and other class materials. Choose ONE question below and answer as best as you can. Your answer should be at least 750 words long (1000 words for graduate) with substantive content to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the reading and class materials. It is due on Friday, June 23 morning Please write the question number, but do not write the question itself. Your grade will be based on:


§  Depth of Subject: Demonstrate understanding of major concepts and/or theories; adequate support and evidence by examples.

§  Organization: Is precise, pertinent, and well supported; sentences are clear, concise, and logical.


[Option #1] In the book, Racist America: Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations, Joe R. Feagin (2000) discusses the changes in the dominant racist ideology in contemporary America. Define the meaning of racist ideology first, discuss briefly the changes in racist ideology in American history, and point out main features of contemporary racist ideology (e.g., denial, romanticizing the past, and fear of a multiracial future). [You can find the reading “Racist Ideology as a Social Force” in Unit 06]


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