STR 581 Week 4 Strategic Planning & Implementation DQ’s & Assignment A+ Graded

STR 581 (Strategic Planning and Implementation) New Course



Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1

Identify an existing organization that established sustained market leadership by successfully leveraging a value discipline. How did the organization successfully leverage this discipline?


Week 4 DQ 2

Picking from one of the items listed below, distinguish between one of the following pairs of grand strategies. Provide an example of a firm that exhibits grand strategies of concentration (you can use examples provided in Exhibit 7.3 of the Strategic Management book):

a. Horizontal and vertical integration.

b. Conglomerate and concentric diversification.

c. Product development and innovation.

d. Joint venture and strategic alliance.


Week 4 DQ 3


What are the challenges in managing a portfolio of companies?

 Identify an organization that has been consistently successful. What critical success factors have they emphasized?


Week 4 Assignment:


STR 581 Week 4 Individual Strategic Choice and Evaluation Paper (1300+ Words)

STR 581 Week 4 Learning Team Grand Strategy Rankings (1550+ Words)

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