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Study of Drugs and Alcohol

Answer these Q:

1.?????? Define a drink- specifically identify the amount of ethanol in each form of common social drinks.(beer, wine, liquor)

2.?????? Define Binge Drinking: for men, for women

3.?????? How long does it take for a full dose of alcohol to get into the bloodstream? Why does it take so long?

4.?????? Define and explain blackouts.(Not the same as passing out/ unconscious)

5.?????? If two people drinking alcohol both reached the BAC of 0.1, why could one be ???tipsy??? (impaired) and the other seem normal (not impaired)?

6.?????? How does a person die from alcohol overdose?

7.?????? True / False : Alcohol is metabolized from the body at a steady continuous rate, coffee, cold showers or food will not speed up sobriety.

8.?????? Explain Disinhibition. How does this explain drunken behavior?

9.?????? Define hangover. Why are people so thirsty the next day after binge drinking?

10.Explain Co-dependency (Alcoholics and the family)

11.Go to–?? http://rethinkingdrinking.niaaa.nih.gov/.?? See if your drinking pattern is risky. Notice the definitions of each drinking pattern and the risks involved.

12.Go to– http://bloodalcoholcalculator.org/?? . Calculate your BAC for 2,4 and 6 drinks.

13.What can affect alcohol absorption? (food, timing, carbonation etc.) Explain how this affects absorption.

14.What is the 18th Amendment? How long was it in effect? How did it affect drinking trends in the US? What problems were caused by this law, so much that it eventually was repealed? What did we learn from this?

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