Scenario: The Stevens Company is converting from the SQL Server database to the Oracle database. Using the Week 5: Risk Information Sheet template, create a Risk Information Sheet for at least five risks that might be encountered during the conversion.


Risk Information Sheet

Risk id: PO2-4-32

Date: March 4, 2014

Probability: 80%

Impact: High


Over 70% of the software components scheduled for reuse will be integrated into the application. The remaining functionality must be custom developed.


Certain reusable components were developed by a third party with no knowledge of internal design standards.

Certain reusable components are implemented in a language unsupported on the target environment.


Contact the third party to determine conformance to design standards.

Check to see if language support can be acquired.

Management/contingency plan/trigger:

Develop a revised schedule assuming that 18 additional components must be built.

Trigger: Steps unproductive by March 30, 2014

Current status:

In process

Originator: Jane Manager


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