Teaching of Values

  • Write a 700 word paper that provides an affirmative answer (pro or in favor) ??to the question: “Must a set of values be prescribed by the state or federal government and taught in schools or must the teaching of values be the responsibility of the families?” include major value orientations, family values, variables affecting family value systems, value conflicts, and value clarification in presenting affirmative and negative viewpoints.
  • Discuss in the affirmative Case (In favor of the proposition) (PRO) the following:
  • 1. State proposition that advocates the change and defines terms used in the proposition.

    2. Establish the need for the change (Harms; Causes of harm and significance; Problems created currently or anticipated).

    3. Propose a solution.

    4. Describe advantages and/or benefits of the solution.

    5. Present case in a logical and understandable way.

    6. Research to support position


    Use APA format and minimum of three peer reviewed??resources.??