Thanks inadvance I have the name of the company

Course Project???M3 Working Ahead

Last module, you received your instructor???s approval of your company and actual planned investment. In this module, you need to begin working on the Cost, Volume, Profit Analysis spreadsheet provided for the project to outline the revenues, costs, expenses, and resulting cash flows. If you selected a manufacturing company and the project deals with a product or change in project, you will need to consider direct and indirect costs. Detail out your costs and cash flows. Make sure these are reasonable for the project you have selected.

Before the end of Module 3, you should have all of your revenues, expenses, investments, profit, and resulting cash flows on an Excel worksheet complete with all calculations performed using Excel functions.

You will submit this spreadsheet for review by you instructor in Module 4. It will then be included as part of your final project in Module 5 and is worth 220 points, so be sure to get started on it now.

If you have any questions about your project, please ask your instructor in the Questions for your Instructor discussion area under Course Home.

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