“The Four IT Business Management Domains”

Determine the interconnectivity of each of the four IT business management domains as discussed in Chapter 2 of the Stenzel textbook on page 57. Explain how each domain impacts the other.

  • From each business management domain, identify the two most important areas a CIO should accept responsibility for in order to strategically lead the organization. Support your answer with a rationale for why you believe these are the most important areas.
  • page 57
  • Distributed computing sent shock waves through IT and system management

    from which IT has yet to fully recover. Industry analysts,

    system management vendors, niche vendors, and IT management all

    have perspectives on partial solutions, but none of the stakeholders

    espouses a complete model or the means to integrate all the perspectives.

    The essential management pieces are obviously missing and

    must come from new management approaches. This section explores

    the four IT business domains of capacity optimization, service level

    management, fi nancial management, and business alignment as they

    apply to the current IT industry environment. SAS established these

    four domains based on ITIL version 3, our own thought leadership,

    and industry analyst feedback to form a hybrid model with invigorated

    focus and emphasis. The enhancement of these four domains will help

    lead to the transformation of IT system and business management into

    a stable, available, and business – aligned model. This section discusses

    the four domains in terms of the current state and emerging opportunities

    to expand the management of each IT business domain, to

    fulfi ll its promise and enable the other domains to fulfi ll their strategic