The paper should cover everything in the instructions.




1. Write six specifications that could be used in an actual restaurant setting to purchase product for selected recipes. Create one specification, for one product, in each of the following categories:

• Meat (Beef, Pork, Lamb, Game)

• Seafood

• Poultry

• Dairy

• Produce

• Baked Goods or Grocery Items

2. Explain why each specification will impact the success of the recipes chosen.



1. Choose a recipe or recipes that feature a food item from each of the categories listed above. Cite the source of the recipe.

2. Write a purchase specification for each of the six items so that the product delivered would be ideal for the recipe chosen; the specifications should reflect the way the product will be used. Use the template provided. Each specification should demonstrate extensive knowledge of the information presented in class as well as the textbook. Knowledge can be demonstrated through the appropriate use of purchasing vocabulary and terms. Knowledge can also be demonstrated by successfully completing all of the applicable sections of the provided template. Make sure the work is thorough!  

3. After each specification, write a paragraph that explains why the specification will impact the outcome of the chosen recipe(s). The paragraph must be at least four sentences. 



Staple the required elements of the project together in the following order:

• Create a cover page with the name of the assignment and your name.

• Recipes should be typed in a readable format (Not photo copied or off the Web!).

• Specifications should be typed, using the provided template.

• The paragraphs should be typed, double-spaced, and use proper grammar.


Recap: Cover page

6 specifications = recipe typed, specification and explanation


Specification Template:

– Product Name

– Recipe Name

– Intended Use of Product

– Informal Specification

– Trade Number/Brand

– Grade

– Geographic Origins

– Variety, style, type

– Processing Requirements

– Count/Portion Size

– Weight

– Tare Allowance

– Drained Weight

– Yield Percent

– Packaging Requirements

– Other Special Requirements

– Quality / Sanitation Inspection Requirements

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