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Due 7/29/17


Topic: Researching and Outlining the Topic


For this Project, you must create an outline to begin preparation for an oral presentation of 5–8 minutes that you will be delivering live during Unit 4. The outline will require researching a topic of professional or career interest and organizing the beginning structure of your presentation. Use the template linked here to generate in the outline for the assignment.

Specifically, you will complete the following:


Pick a professional or career topic that is of personal interest to you (e.g., becoming a manager, criminal justice careers, programming, interview tips and techniques, fast-growing career trends, networking skills, preparing a resume, employment search strategies, etc.).


TOPIC: “Becoming a Manager”

Research information on the approved topic. A minimum of 3 credible sources are required.

Note: You will use this information in a future assignment for the creation of 7–10 PowerPoint slides and 5–8 minutes of live presentation time during Unit 4.


Determine the purpose of your presentation. (Your classmates and the instructor will be the intended audience.)


Organize your presentation ideas in a logical sequence to accomplish your purpose.

Create an outline using the outline format provided in your textbook. Be sure that your outline expresses the topic, the purpose, the central idea, the body content, and the conclusion.


Create a References page following APA format, which lists your researched sources. Review Appendix A of your text for citation and reference formatting guidelines. You must have a minimum of 3 credible sources.



Due 8/6/17



Topic: Creation of and Use of Visual Aids


For the Unit 3 assignment you will continue preparing for your Unit 4 live oral presentation by creating 7–10 slides using PowerPoint. Based on the topic approved during Unit 1 and outlined in Unit 2, prepare supporting slides to include images, text, and proper citations. You will use this PowerPoint, with recommended corrections, as a guide during your live oral presentation in Unit 4.



Adhere to the following steps to complete your assignment:

Create your PowerPoint slides, including title and content slides and ending with 1–2 slides that list your reference materials in appropriate format.



In the notes section of the first slide, indicate who the ideal audience is for the presentation, what the ideal location would be for giving the presentation, and what other visual aids or technologies (other than PowerPoint) you might use to present to that audience in that location. For example, if you were presenting this presentation face-to-face to an audience in an auditorium rather than online, what other types of visual aids or technology would you use (other than PowerPoint)?


In the notes area of all slides following slide 1, include the text from your Unit 2 outline that corresponds with the slide. You should also include additional notes that reflect the narrative (your planned script) that you plan to use during the presentation.


Add appropriate slide design such as photos, clip art, or other images to the presentation.

The content slides should contain APA in-text citations along with the text and visual aids.

Update your citations and reference list as needed.

Be sure to cite all references in APA format on reference slides at the end of the PowerPoint.



Due 8/13/17

Topic: Formal Presentations


Based on the topic and outline from previous Units, you will make a formal live oral presentation to your instructor and peers. You will be required to present for 5–8 minutes using the Adobe Connect technology within the course area. The PowerPoint product created in Unit 3 will be the visual guide for your presentation. Plan for an oral presentation of 5–8 minutes via Adobe Connect with live audio narration and discussion. You will present to your peers as assigned by your instructor. Your instructor will work with you to find a mutually-agreeable time to meet online.


Complete the following:

Confirm that you have used the Notes feature for your entire presentation script. Note: Once your presentation is uploaded in the Live Chat Room, you will be able to use the notes tab on the side bar to view your notes.



Use a microphone for the live audio portion.

Give the presentation, identifying your peers and instructor as the intended audience.

At the conclusion of your live presentation, be prepared to answer questions from audience peers and your instructor for clarification.


Submit your PowerPoint presentation completed as part of the Unit 3 individual Project to the Unit 4 Individual Project assignment area by the Unit 4 due date. You should have made any corrections recommended/required by your instructor prior to submission.


Your Power-Point file must be submitted to the Unit 4 Individual Project assignment area for grading even if no changes were made to the Unit 3 Individual PowerPoint file.




Due 8/20/17

Topic:Analyzing the Performance


For the Unit 5 assignment, you will write a reflective analysis paper about your presentation-creation process and your Unit 4 live, oral presentation. Your paper should be created using double-spacing, paragraph indention, and 1-inch margins. No citations are required unless quoting, paraphrasing, or sharing information that you have not originally created. If citations are included, follow APA formatting guidelines.


Your personal analysis paper should include a reflective discussion on the following:

Your choice of topic, purpose, and intended audience


Your research sources


The flow of your outline


The ease or difficulty you had with each part of the preparation process (e.g., choosing a topic, researching, finding or creating visual aids, outlining, drafting, and presenting orally)


The appropriateness and effectiveness of your visual aids, including the consistency, appearance, and overall flow of the presentation


The effectiveness of your presentation (Did you sound confident? Did you get your message across? Was the audience moved or swayed by your conclusion?)


How you would improve the process of developing a future live, oral presentation, how you would improve any future visual aids, and how you would improve future oral presentations






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