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discussion 1


 What factors commonly influence a person’s daily buying choices? Please provide some examples.


student respond


student 1


Some factors that may play into influencing someones daily buying choices are financial status, quality of product, price and also convenience of what the individual is trying to buy. For example if an individual is unemployed and they are short on funds they may not purchase the same products that they would if they had a steady job. These individuals may also choose an off brand product that is cheaper than what they would usually buy. When I go shopping both in stores and online I look for the reviews of these products or ask someone that I know has used these products before. Quality must match the price of the product in order for consumers to be fully ready to purchase certain things. Consumer want to get what they are paying for in all circumstances so if these two do not coexist companies could lose customers. Another factor in daily spending could be convenience of what is available to that customer. For example if a store runs out of Degree deodorant and that is what you buy, you may have to choose Dove or Axe or whatever is there for you.





student 2


Many factors are taken into account when influencing a person’s daily buying choices.  For example, the price of a product related to the quality of the product.  If someone goes to Walmart to buy a laptop, they may perceive the cheaper price to lower the quality of the laptop.  That same laptop could be exactly the same but cost more at Best Buy, but Best Buy is a tech-store so someone may expect the higher price to indicate the laptop is of higher quality at Best Buy.  


Price alone and the quality of a product also independently influence a buyer’s choice.  Something like bread may be the same but cheaper at a local grocery store versus a local bakery.  Although the bakery may have higher quality bread, it is a simple food item that usually is not neede to be very fancy or baked by an artisan.


Future expectations also influence consumers.  If Black Friday is approaching and a person wants a new TV now, they may see the prices of TVs dropping around Black Friday and wait.  Another example is with gasoline.  If media tells people gas prices are going to rise tomorrow, they would be more inclined to go fill up all of their gas powered vehicles today.


student 3

Persons’ daily buying choices can be influenced by many factors. The impact of social consumption culture If the prevalence of luxury in the community, affected by the impact of factors, people will be more important brand factors, value of product price factors; if the green consumption habits prevailed, then people in the consumer will consider the consumer goods on the environment Influence and so on.Price factors for the same kind of goods, consumers will choose the price is relatively low; for consumers to meet the needs of the same product quality and differences, different income levels of consumers will choose different prices of products. Ordinary consumers are more inclined to quality and cheap goods. Brand factors in different social classes and income levels of consumers will choose different grades of the brand. Product awareness, advertising-oriented impact on consumer purchasing decisions.


student 4

Daily buying decisions depend on many things. The most important in my opinion is the products price. There are also other factors that play a role in it such as the brand, the service in the store and also the store location. Some people buy based on impulses. They try to avoid the question of whether they need the product or just want it. Someone’s ability to distinguish between wants and needs is key to purchasing strategy. An example of how a person’s buying decision might be changes based on the store location is whether the store is far away and he thinks its worth it to drive the extra mile to buy the product. Also what i said above, the service of the store plays a huge role in it. Going to a store that is near your location a having a bad experience might play a role in you not returning to it at all.


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