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Unit V Power Point Presentation

Unit V PowerPoint Presentation
This exercise involves analyzing a communication technique???presentations. On a daily basis, it is often expected that professionals be proficient with presentations. For this exercise, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that serves as your own professional code of communication. This exercise allows you to analyze communication techniques and reflect upon your own communication skills. Include at least the following within the presentation:??
Present your professional communication style.??

Present your communication strengths. ???

Present your communication opportunities???how can you improve your communication skills? ???

Present how you prefer to receive communication within a workplace. ???

Present a professional workplace example of when a phone call might be better than an email. ???

Present whether or not you believe that texting and instant messaging can be valuable in the workplace. ???

Include at least three visuals (e.g., photographs, images, charts, or graphs). ???

The presentation must contain at least TWELVE SLIDES.

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