Web Design

This lab supports the following TCOs.

TCO 5—Given a web page that requires images and advanced styles, create and edit graphics and incorporate them into the page.

TCO 10—Given a project, create a website that contains text, links, images, and any other content necessary to complete the website using HTML and external CSS.

Obtain 10 original photos.
Research on the Internet and find some code that will allow you to create a slideshow.
Create a page with your photos and the code you find.
Create a Word document showing the source for your slideshow code. Make sure to document your HTML code also.

Create the slideshow according to your selected research, using the images you located in Step 1.
The slideshow should run automatically and should contain a text-based title for each slide.

Write a description of the process that the slideshow uses to cycle through the slides, and cite the source of your code.

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