The advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing or insourcing while developing or redesigning your website. Listed below are several key components that webmasters must face when entering the world of ecommerce. Research each facet and discover the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing or insourcing each task, and choose which would work best for your website in a 3-4 page paper.

  • Website design / redesign and development
  • Graphic design 
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine marketing – Pay-per-click campaign (PPC) and Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Social media marketing. 
  • Human resources. Recruiting and Compliance expertise
  • Customer service. Managing your customer relationships, email, problems with online orders, phone orders, handling returns.
  • Accounting. Keeping track of orders, PayPal accounts, merchant accounts, PayPal accounts, tax reporting, budgeting, and cash flow
  • Operations. Inventory and fulfillment.
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