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Week 1 discusion minimum of 150 words apa format

Week 1 Discussion 1 minimum of 150 words apa format


National polls are often conducted by asking the opinions of a few thousand adults nationwide and using them to infer the opinions of all adults in the nation.?? Explain who is in the sample and who is in the population for such polls.?? Please use a poll from a newspaper, TV, a magazine, or from the Internet?? (Chapter 8).

Please respond to my discussion question by clicking on the??Reply??button after??this section.?? When you reply to another student???s comments, click on??Reply??after their comments.

Hello!?? I saw a poll on TV the other day.?? It was a simple poll of favorability of our current president.?? His numbers went down from the previous poll of 54% favorable and 47% unfavorable to 48% favorable and 52% unfavorable.?? The population is all people in the U.S. of??voting age and the sample was probably 1000 people in a major city in the United States.

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