week 1 diss

This week we are learning about Industrial Control Systems, both critical and non-critical. Several challenges in securing these systems include accurately identifying critical vs. non-critical ICS systems and identifying the unique challenges that exist in securing Industrial Control Systems as compared to business systems.  To participate in this discussion, please complete the following steps:
a) First, read the document titled PureLand Cyber Security Case Study.doc 
b) Then, create a new thread and post your thoughts that cover the following points:

  1. Do you feel the computer(s) used to control the sterilization process PureLand uses with a highly toxic chemical would be considered a critical or non-critical asset and why?
  2. Identify what organization regulates the industry where this ICS is used.
  3. Explain two unique challenges that exist securing the PureLand Industrial Control System as compared to business systems.

In addition to reading the case study, you should also read the Site Summary Report PureLand Wastewater.docx.

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