Week 1 Knowledge Check Study Guide

1. What has been one of the focus areas of law in the United States over the past few



2. Identify the true statement about the role of law in the United States.


3. Which of the following is one of the purposes of law today?


4. Identify the true statement about the American judiciary.


5. What is the function of an appellate court?


6. Identify the courts that conduct primary trials for issues that involve federal matters such

as federal regulations and statutes. The courts also hear a range of matters and provide

decisions that are binding only on the parties involved.


7. What is true about arbitration as an alternative form of dispute resolution?


8. Sigma Inc. and Beta LLC. are two companies involved in a dispute. Both companies have

agreed to appoint a third party, an attorney, to listen to their arguments and help them

reach an agreement. The third party, however, will not render any kind of decision for the

two parties involved. What type of alternative form of dispute resolution is being used by

Sigma Inc. and Beta LLC.?



9. In certain cases, the legal issues involve the intricacies of a specific industry or

profession. In such cases, which type of alternative dispute resolution is used in which a

neutral professional is hired to assess and evaluate facts and arguments. The

professional is expected to come up with an appropriate solution or recommendation. The

professional could also collect more information, if required, for the case.



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