Week 2 Discussion 1 minimum of 150 words APA Format

Choose one??of the following three questions and post your answer:

1.?? In your own words, what is meant by the statement that correlation does not imply causality (Section 10-2)?
2.?? In your own words, please describe the difference between the regression equation????and the regression equation????(Section 10-3).
3.?? A geneticist wants to develop a method for predicting the eye color of a baby, given the eye color of each parent.?? In your own words, can the methods of Section 10-5 be used??? Why or why not?

Please respond to my discussion question by clicking on the??Reply??button after??this section.?? When you reply to another student???s comments, click on??Reply??after their comments.

Hello!?? I will take number 2.?? There can be a correlation between two items, for instance an increase in someone???s salary and purchasing clothing, but we cannot conclude that increases in someone???s salary causes an increase in purchasing clothing.

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