Week 2: Discussion 2: Perceptions and Communication: What would you do?

Read the following scenario very carefully, and in your opening post answer the three questions below.

UniConCo, a multinational construction company, successfully bid to build a new minor league stadium in a Midwestern city that had very little diversity. Miguel Hernandez was assigned to be the Assistant Project Manager, and he moved his family of seven to town. He quickly joined the local Chamber of Commerce, affiliated with the local Rotary group, and was feeling the first signs of acceptance.

One day Mr. Hernandez was working at his desk when he accidentally overheard a group of local Anglo construction workers who were on the project talking about their Mexican American coworkers. Miguel was discouraged to hear the negative stereotypes that were being used. The degree of hatred expressed was clearly beyond what he was used to, and he was further upset when he recognized several of the voices as belonging to men he had fought to hire.

A bit shaken, Mr. Hernandez realized he had a problem. He recognized his workers’ prejudices, but he wasn’t sure how to change them. Moreover, he wanted to establish good work relationships with his Anglo workers for the sake of the company, but he also wanted to create a good working atmosphere for the other Latino workers who would soon be moving to town to work on the project. What could Mr. Hernandez do?

  1. Discuss the major ethical problem(s) presented in the text.
  2. Suggest how Mr. Hernandez could use his social perceptions to address the problem in a way that is within ethical, interpersonal
  3. Outline what you think would be an effective response for Mr. Hernandez to employ given the circumstances. 


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