Week 4 Review Post 3 minimum of 150 words

Week 4 Review Post 3 minimum of 150 words




After readings of this week, I found the next tools to be the most important for the success of a project. Project management needs to use tools to help them plan activities, organize teams, and track the success of every task in the project on schedule. Also, these tools will help project management to identify future risk, which can put in jeopardy the successful results of the project, and design a contingency plan in the event of that happens.

Following are important tools for project management:

Flow chart: It is an important tool used by project managers. The flow chart shows the overall flow of the entire project. Also, it will give a clear understanding where information, money, or physical things flow. (Kloppenborg, 2015). I believe, it is a great tool because it shows the flow of the entire project and team members will decide which part will need more detail information and attention.

Pareto chart: It is a great tool which gathers information useful to determinate how primary sources have most of the time 80% of the defects are originally from 20% of all sources.

Run chart: It is another great tool which shows how a specific section of the project change over time from three different points of view. First, the team will look for a trend if it is going up or down. Second, Team will look for a pattern with repetitive cycles, for example, the trend goes down on the same days of the week, every week. Last, It is the abrupt changes. This part is the most important because it shows rapid changes drastically between two points, which it could be higher or lower. This alert team member to determinate the magnitude of the changes and how they can affect the project.

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