Week 5 Knowledge Check Study Guide

1.??What is one of the challenges in business ethics?


2. What can help managers to overcome the challenge of teaching business ethics to



3. How can an organization faced with the challenges of business ethics, overcome these



4. Stephan is a proponent of the narrow view of corporate social responsibility (CSR). He

believes that people should behave in a socially responsible manner on their own time.

What other opinion is Stephan likely to have?


5. Which view of corporate social responsibility (CSR) suggests that the emphasis of

corporations should be on CSR and not on achieving profitability? This view also

suggests that the existence of corporations is based on the premise that they will serve



6.??What is true about the moderate view of corporate social responsibility (CSR)?


7. In the context of business ethics, what is one of the provisions granted by the 2002

Sarbanes-Oxley Act?


8. In which case is the discharge of an employee considered to be wrongful in the context of

the Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act?


9.??Which inconsistency is likely to complicate the risk for whistleblowers in organizations?

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