week 7 discussion Your speech is due next week (Week Eight). eng221

This week you will select a speech topic from the listing through this Web link: click on the link below.

SPEECH TOPIC SELECTION: follow the sequence below:

1, Link for speech topics: Access the American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank: www.americanrhetoric.com/speechbank.htm

             2, Select one speech and listen to the audio recording or read the printed transcript of the speech

For this discussion, indicate your plans for your speech by evaluating the speech you have selected in prompt #2 above.  Your actual speech will be due next week (Week Eight):Prepare a three to five (3-5) minute speech evaluating the speech you selected above by validating your choices and answers.”  This evaluation will be based on the strengths and weaknesses of the speech; cconcentrate on content (subject matter), presentation, and what vale the speech adds today.

Based on the above guidelines, post a draft of your evaluation into the discussion board, and respond to one classmate’s posting. Thir draft needs to be a small paragraph: 6 – 10 sentences.

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