As you have read, insurance fraud is considered one of the most pervasive examples of avocational crime.  Avocational crime may or may not be considered white collar crime depending on how you view it but for our purposes, we will consider avocational crime and in particular, insurance fraud to be white collar crime.  Some consider it NOT to be white collar in nature because it does not have an occupational component meaning that the perpetrator is not an employee or acting on behalf of a corporation or other entity.  However, because the perpetrators involved in insurance fraud normally have good social standing and well respected occupations, there is enough of a nexus to link this type of crime to other, more recognized forms of white collar crime.  

 In this exercise, you will be given 5 types of insurance fraud and a short definition of each.  I would like for you to rank them according to degree of severity.  In other words, start with the crime you think is the worst and work your way down to the crime you think is the least egregious. Please briefly explain why you have chosen to put them in the order you have. 

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