Weekly Journal 8 (Final Reflection)

After reading through the weekly journals for this course, write a final reflection of 750-1,000-words about your professional developmental progress as a result of this course and at this point in your degree program. Address the following questions in your reflection:

  1. Synthesize and integrate the key points in the current and previous readings. Describe an aha moment (an epiphany) you had while reading the textbook and/or the articles or a time when you had to stop and evaluate what was being said.
  2. Include a discussion about your prior beliefs about adequate progress. How have the readings altered your beliefs?
  3. Based upon your experience in education, how might you apply this content to a classroom and instruction?
  4. What are some additional areas within this subject that you may want to develop???
  5. Now that you have been introduced to the professional topics in this course, how might you find resources for them?
  6. How motivated are you to seek out more information on topics discussed in this course?
  7. How have your professional abilities been enhanced at this point in your program?
  8. How have you applied what you have learned thus far?
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