What is Chinese calligraphy and what is it all about?

Chinese Calligraphy 248-301

Essay Writing Assignment

Due date: Friday. June 2, 2017


Format Requirements:

4-10 pages, stapled, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font

Plus a cover page that has the title of the essay, the name of this course (Chinese Calligraphy 248-201), your name, and the date written

And plus a “Works Cited” page at the back.


Topic: You can use your own topic or choose one of the following as your topic, but if you prefer any topic below,you may need to change it to a formal essay title.


Content Requirements: In an expository style, explore the topic you have chosenNo matter which topical choice you prefer–your own or from below, your topic has to be about Chinese calligraphy or painting.


What the professor is looking for:

The richness of the content.

The depth of the exploration.

The logic of the reasoning.

The coherence of the writing.

The concreteness of the materials used.

Relevance of the examples used.

Artistic presentation of the writing if you can come up with any.


Suggested topics:


What is Chinese calligraphy and what is it all about?

What is so appealing in Chinese calligraphy and why?

Why Chinese calligraphy is one of the highest forms of visual art?

What makes it possible for Chinese calligraphy to become one of the highest forms of visual art?

Why can Chinese character writing evolve into a unique visual art?

What do we seek in Chinese calligraphy?

What makes a good calligraphy-writing?

How to appreciate Chinese calligraphy?

What role does Chinese philosophy play in Chinese calligraphy?

What role does individuality or personality play in Chinese calligraphy?

From a philosophic perspective, what role does the four treasures of a studio play in Chinese calligraphy?

What is the difference between Chinese calligraphy and the Western calligraphy?

What are the similarities and differences between Chinese calligraphy and its painting?

Does Chinese calligraphy curb spontaneity and why?

What guides the historical development of Chinese calligraphy?

Comparison of two famous calligraphers

Lines, proportions, gravity, structure, compositions, etc. in Chinese calligraphy and aesthetics

Chinese philosophy and the development of Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy and Yin and Yang

Chinese calligraphy and Dao by Laozi

Chinese calligraphy and the Golden Mean by Confucius

Chinese calligraphy and Laozi

Chinese calligraphy and Confucius

Chinese calligraphy and philosophy

Chinese calligraphy and aesthetics

Chinese calligraphy and literature

Chinese calligraphy and culture

What is the main characteristic of the art of Chinese calligraphy?

Body and spirit, which is more important, and why?

The similarities and differences between Chinese and Western visual arts?

Is Chinese calligraphy an art of concrete image or abstract image, and why?

How to appreciate Chinese calligraphy?

How to appreciate Chinese painting?

What is the difference between Chinese painting and Western painting?

The similarities and differences between Chinese calligraphy and painting

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