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                       The article describes the evolution and trends of information systems that enhance the information. Development of information systems was happened step by step process. Untill 1960’s the role of information systems are very simple. But in modern days the need of information systems has been developed and helped the users. They were mainly used for electronic data processing(EDP),such as record keeping and accounting. The other name od EDP is transaction processing systems(TPS),Auto data processing or information systems.


Another role in the same days was introduced, processing of data into useful informative reports.This was mainly focused on business applications that provided managerial end users and that helps manager needed for decision-making process. In 1970’s these are not very much efficient to meet the needs of the user which new concept was developed called decision support systems(DSS). The new role of information systems is to provide managerial end users with ad hoc along with interactive support make decisions.


An introduction of microcomputers took place in 1980’s which gave a rapid development of microcomputer processing power like Intel has grown. The development of these software packages made the end users create there own job requirement and no need of waiting for others support like departments.

The technical trends of information systems infrastructure can be considered mainly open software, hosting of application service providers and m-commerce. Open software is the trend which is very popular nowadays people use this like free software different codes are used in different scopes. These days we can find spin in software called openbravo, this is the main concept to get into market, but it seems to be not sufficient to meet the requirements of the users,The important concept of this is ‘encarta’.this is the digital encyclopedia of Microsoft but it is most popular with the word Wikipedia due to the appearance of free software.


Hosting of application service is the most popular now a days since many companies are dedicated to ‘lodge’, management systems. This can be used by huge companies through high speed internet. The m commerce is one of the technical advances that modifies the information systems. This technological advance makes the world to develop business.The new tool of m-commerce make the revolution of companies.