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You have designed a graphic user interface (GUI)

You have designed a graphic user interface (GUI), which now needs to be white-box tested. You need to create a document that specifies at least two test cases and one dynamic analysis. Explain your reasoning for your dynamic analysis choice. Once the plan is defined, execute the test plan. Finally, include descriptions of the results of your test plan execution.

Address the following:??

  • Submit a GUI you have created in which the source code is readily available to you.??
  • Develop a test plan (including two test cases) in a Word document involving the following. Execute the test plan. Discuss the results in your Word document.??
  • Perform a static analysis (a code review or walk-through) that includes the following:??
    • Identify proper coding style.??
    • Identify the proper implementation of code design.??
    • Identify potential problems with risky code or deadlock situations.??
    • Identify any other errors.??
  • Design, write-up, and test 2 test cases.??
    • Based on each test case, do the following:????
      • Choose inputs??
      • Run them through the code??
      • Determine the appropriate outputs??
  • Perform 1 of the following dynamic analyses (execution of the code):??
    • Statement coverage:??Designed to execute every statement at least once??
    • Branch coverage:??Designed to test every branch of the program at least once??
    • Path coverage:??Designed to test every path of execution at least once??
    • Definition-use-path coverage:??All paths between the definition of a variable and the use of that variable are tested

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